Lesson & Class Information


Activities within a Lesson:

In your first lesson Pamela will enquire about your reasons for wanting to learn the Alexander Technique so that she can relay the basic principles of the Technique relevant to you.

Wear comfortable clothing, the teaching process includes walking and gentle everyday movement with non-manipulative touching to aid in the release of excessive tensions. This process begins to re educate your kinesthetic sense towards more reliability.

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Many of us do not realize we are using more muscular effort than necessary for our daily activities. A premise of The Alexander Technique is that “use affects function.” Together, you and Pamela will discover how you interfere with your best functioning. Learn where and how you are carrying more tension than needed and learn to rid yourself of it mentally and physically.

If you are a musician you are invited to bring your instrument to any and all lessons. It is well worthwhile for Pamela to see you at your instrument to observe your manner of use while playing.

A singer is welcome to sing. Again, this give Pamela and the singer an opportunity to observe what tension patterns might be interfering with your sound.

An actor is encouraged to speak or perform a monologue.


Any activity: stitting, standing, speaking, walking, yoga, exercise, playing sports, doing household chores, sitting in your car, using your phone can be addressed with the principles of the Alexander Technique.

50 minute lessons are scheduled on the hour.

Discounted rates are offered to the committed student who purchases lessons in advance for the month.