About The Alexander Technique

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The Alexander Technique is a way of solving problems in everyday life.

What problems do you have?

Aches, Pains, Anxiety…?

Fundamental to health and well-being is efficient upright posture.

Individuals often make up with muscular effort what they lack in poise.

The Alexander Technique offers principles and strategies to solve problems.

It’s more than a matter of the use of the body, it includes the use of the whole self. (thought & movement; mind & body).

General functioning depends on postural balance.

Improvement relies, in large part, on you, the student of the Technique and on your active participation. This is an educational process encouraging you to identify and change habitual faulty patterns of coordination in daily life and in your spcialized activities. Through this heightened awareness you can begin to make new choices in how you think and how you move. Alexander referred to this mind body connection as our psychophysical self.

Rediscover Your Poise